Who We Serve


Serving 300 children, adults and seniors on a daily basis, we primarily serve populations within the 19140 and 19144 zip codes of the Tioga-Nicetown and Germantown areas of Philadelphia. Both neighborhoods have a similar demographic makeup typically consisting of at least 80% African-American residents, and a three-person household with a single parent/guardian and two children. They also are the individuals affected by the 26% poverty rate and 12% deep poverty rate within the city of Philadelphia.


In the entire North Philadelphia area, 46% of individuals are experiencing poverty; the Tioga-Nicetown and Germantown neighborhoods consist of 70% of the residents living in deep poverty. A small percentage of our program participants also come from Southwest, West and Northeast Philadelphia, with similar socioeconomic backgrounds. Though they face many challenges in their daily lives, the people we serve strive for better outcomes for themselves and their families, but sometimes are not given the opportunities and resources to do so. Our overarching goal is to improve the quality of life of our neighbors by establishing a strong academic and economic foundation for future success, while providing a caring and welcoming environment for our seniors.

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