What Is “A Path to Prosperity”?

“A Path to Prosperity” is a Paid Job Training Program through Mercy Neighborhood Ministries, Inc. and the Philadelphia Roadmap to Safer Communities. This program engages young men between the ages of 18-34. However, all are welcome. This wonderful opportunity was developed to combat the violence in North Philadelphia by providing career pathways for young men.

When are classes taught?

Classes are typically taught Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 PM-3:30 PM at the Temple University Student Faculty Center, 3340 N. Broad Street (Broad & Ontario Streets), 4th Floor. 

This year, we have included some accelerated sessions in June, August, and November. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How can we register?

Facilitator of the Program: Ms. Nicole Cobb, Program Manager for A Path to Prosperity via email or phone 610-952-2184 ncobb@mercyneighbors.org


How can we match clients in need of your services?

Participants should have proof of the following

  1. HS Diploma or GED certification.
  2. Valid Driver’s License or State ID.
  3. Social Security Number via SSn card or government document
  4. Covid- 19 vaccine

Working email and cell phone.

 The willingness to commit to a 4 week program typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 pm to 4pm.

What is the intake process?

In-person 2-page application and submission of vital documents/resume.


What documentation is needed for registration?

  • State-Issued ID
  • SSN Card
  • Covid-19 vaccine card
  • Resume
  • High School Diploma or GED Certificate




2023 WHYY news article


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June 2023 – Cohort 6: (ACCELERATED CLASS)

Day 1:              Monday AM, June 26th Orientation

                          Monday PM, June 26th, January 12th (Job Retention/ 30 sec                            Speech)

Day 2:              Tuesday AM, June 27th  (Cover letters & Resume 1                                              workshop)

                          Tuesday PM, June 27th  (Resume 2 workshop & Thank You                              Notes)

Day 3:              Wednesday AM,June 28th (Modern Behavioral Interviewing)

                          Wednesday PM, June 28th (How to Ace the Interview)

Day 4:              Thursday AM, June 29th Mock Interviews)

                            Thursday PM, June 29th  (Indeed/LinkedIn Presence)

August 2023 Cohort 7 (ACCELERATED CLASS)

Week 1:              Monday, August 7th Orientation

                             Tuesday, August 8th (Job Retention/ 30 sec Speech)

                             Wednesday, August 9th (Cover letters & Resume 1 workshop)

Week 2:              Monday, August 14th (Resume 2 workshop &t Thank You Notes)

                             Tuesday,  August 15th (Modern Behavioral Interviewing)

                             Wednesday, August 16th (How to Ace the Interview)

Week 3:              Monday, August 21st   (Mock Interviews)

                            Tuesday, August 22nd (Indeed/LinkedIn Presence)

September 2023 Cohort 8 (Regular class schedule)

Week 1:              Tuesday, September 19th Orientation

                            Thursday, September 21st(Job Retention/ 30 sec Speech)

Week 2:              Tuesday, September 26th (Cover letters & Resume 1 workshop)

                            Thursday, September 28th (Resume 2 workshop & Thank You Notes)

Week 3:              Tuesday, October 3th (Modern Behavioral Interviewing)

                            Thursday, October 5th (How to Ace the Interview)

Week 4:              Tuesday, October 10th (Mock Interviews)

                            Thursday, October 12th (Indeed/LinkedIn Presence)

October 2023 Cohort 9 (Regular class schedule)

Week 1:              Tuesday, October 24th Orientation

                             Thursday, October 26th (Job Retention/ 30 sec Speech)

Week 2:              Tuesday, October 31st (Cover letters & Resume 1 workshop)

                            Thursday, November 2nd (Resume 2 workshop & Thank You Notes)

Week 3:              Tuesday, November 7th (Modern Behavioral Interviewing)

                            Thursday, November 9th (How to Ace the Interview)

Week 4:              Tuesday,November 14th (Mock Interviews)

                            Thursday, November 16th (Indeed/LinkedIn Presence)

November 2023 Cohort 10  (ACCELERATED CLASS)

Week 1:              Monday, November 27th Orientation

                            Tuesday, November 28th (Job Retention/ 30 sec Speech)

                            Wednesday, November 29th (Cover letters & Resume 1 workshop)

Week 2:              Monday, December 4th (Resume 2 workshop &t Thank You Notes)

                            Tuesday,  December 5th (Modern Behavioral Interviewing)

                            Wednesday December 6th (How to Ace the Interview)

Week 3:              Monday, December  11th (Mock Interviews)

                            Tuesday, December 12th (Indeed/LinkedIn Presence

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