Mercy Meals

What Is Mercy Meals?

Mercy Meals is a food distribution program which targets families in need of additional meal support. Keeping in line with the Mission and values of Mercy Neighborhood Ministries, we’ll strive to provide and treat our neighbors with kindness, dignity, and compassion while helping them meet needs and challenges they face daily.

Where Do We Distribute?

We will provide sustainable meals to families in the 19140 and 19144 Zip codes. Our initial goal is to provide approximately 700 meals a month to our Mercy Community. These families are identified as those that already participate in our current programming. (PreK students, aftercare programming, Senior Day program, and Adult education)


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Established This Program?

The Mercy Meals initiative was established by the Peacock Family.

What Kind Of Meals Are Offered and When?

We have a bi-weekly community distribution of fresh produce. Also, each of our childcare & adult day participants receive a meal package each Friday that includes one (1) rice meal, two (2) pasta dishes and one (1) oatmeal breakfast. 

Exactly Where Does The Food Come From?

Mercy Neighborhood Ministries of Philadelphia has partnered with Small Things Food Bank to create the new Mercy Meals Food Program.

Where Are The Meals Distrubuted?

Our objective is to provide families in the Tioga-Nicetown community access to nutritious meals as a result of food insecurities in our neighborhood.

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